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uhh fans and stuff

2012-05-31 18:50:12 by deadlycheese123

uhh hello if any one reads this i have nothing importrant to say.
ok i got like 13 new fans after star nova so thats kinda cool, and also some people told me to voice act, i hope i don't SUCK for them, i haven't voiced a lot. i worked with my friend twisted4000, but thats couse i know him.


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2012-05-31 20:33:58

Which part did you voice for in StarNova?

deadlycheese123 responds:

jimmy the boy who spills soda and the cries.
its the smallest voice part, but im getting random "please voice for me" stuff.


2012-06-02 04:15:53

Yeah, I hear ya'. That's how I'm starting off, myself; doing small, non-entirely-important voices instead of any actual roles. Gotta work your way to the top, right?
Nice crying by the way, lol.


2012-07-16 03:19:00

Good luck in the navy!