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Dead Beat Cheese

2015-12-23 21:44:15 by deadlycheese123

I don't do anything anymore...


2013-05-19 14:42:42 by deadlycheese123

I guess I can do voices, but I want to go through Skype to get to know you and get coaching because I don't know how you want my voice.

uhh fans and stuff

2012-05-31 18:50:12 by deadlycheese123

uhh hello if any one reads this i have nothing importrant to say.
ok i got like 13 new fans after star nova so thats kinda cool, and also some people told me to voice act, i hope i don't SUCK for them, i haven't voiced a lot. i worked with my friend twisted4000, but thats couse i know him.


2012-01-21 21:23:01 by deadlycheese123

I am NO good with flash so i guess i'll jest help my friends out, or what ever.

the future

2011-09-28 22:40:23 by deadlycheese123

so i have not posted any flash.
i hope to be finishing my new computer and hope to start making flash, i know i will suck, but atlease be nice i'm tring